Where to play

Foosball Clubs in Queensland


South Brisbane

Q9 Billiards in Macgregor purchased two Fireball tables in November last year, and have been operating as the No. 1 foosball location in Brisbane since. There is also a well-loved Garlando table, which has its staunch supporters, despite the new Fireball competition. Players meet up most weeks, usually on a Saturday evening, for what has come to be known as the ‘Casual Kick’ event. There are players of all abilities from some of Australia’s top players to complete newbies.



There is a club in Toowong that meets every second Friday night to play club competitions in an office space. They are always on the lookout for members of the public to join them. Check the Foosball Queensland Facebook page for upcoming events.

New Clubs

If you currently run a foosball club in Queensland and are interested in joining the ITSF system to have your results and rankings recorded with Foosball Australia and your players ranked for Nationals tournaments contact us to find out more.

If your office has a foosball table and you and your workmates think your pretty good let us know and we can organise a club vs club competition.

Brisbane’s foosball tables

We realise that it can be difficult to locate a foosball table in Brisbane, so we will be posting their locations on the map, along with a short description of the table. If you know of any other venues in Brisbane, or even interstate, send us a message via our contact form and we’ll get it added to the map.

For more information and meet up times visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Foosball-Queensland/230813003774101